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You want jobs? We’ve got them. Tulsa is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best cities to find a job, with one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates and a diverse range of headquartered companies and thriving industries from aerospace to creative services and everything in-between.


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No. 2 city for young people to find a job
Fiscal Times, 2012
No. 7 city for personal income growth
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2014
No. 21 best city to find a job, 2014
Top 25 city for tech job growth
Engine Advocacy, 2012

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The Tulsa region has a host of resources and organizations dedicated to helping you find a job, develop professionally, stay connected and even build your own business. With a diverse array of thriving industries, headquartered companies and entrepreneurial resources, this city has well-equipped to empower you to fulfill your career dreams.

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No. 1 city for young entrepreneurs
Forbes, 2013

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Looking for the perfect employee? Building a strategy for workforce development? We have you covered with this comprehensive list of the Tulsa-area resources and connections available to help you grow, develop and retain your company’s staff.

Relocating or expanding a company in northeast Oklahoma? Visit for industry-specific information, demographic data, site availabilities and more of the information your site selection team will need to make a well-informed decision.

Workforce Analysis Project

The Tulsa Regional Chamber and several community partners have conducted an unprecedented 24-week initiative to gauge the state of the Tulsa area’s workforce and are now implementing a regional plan for workforce development aimed at improving job training opportunities for residents and keeping the area’s economy competitive.

Linked with the region’s ongoing visioning effort for improving life and business in northeast Oklahoma, this Workforce Analysis Project aims to address increasing competition from other metropolitan regions and find ways to fill workforce talent gaps that have left local high-paying jobs unfilled.


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